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Open Volunteer Positions

Most services, donations and your time have the potential to be tax deductible!

  • Fundraiser Coordinators

We are looking for motivated adults who have an interest in the organization and execution of obtaining funding. Experience is preferred but not required if the individual is willing to learn and commit to our organization. There are a variety of opportunities: Head of fundraising, assistant(s) to head of fundraising, Lead for specific project/fundraiser and Assistants to the grant writer. ​

  • Volunteer Coordinators

We are in need of a person who would help with recruiting, interviewing, training, scheduling and supervising volunteers. They would work directly with the general manager to staff the farm according to the changing needs of the organization. The VC is also responsible to maintain waivers and contact lists along with logging volunteer hours of each person. ADV has a longer-term goal of putting in place a system to positively recognize the contributions of those individuals to retain good consistent volunteer help. They also will conduct periodic evaluations of volunteers and provide reports for review by the board of directors.​

  • Volunteer Coordinators - Youth, Teen & Young Adult

This position works with the VC and GM to recruit, interview, train and supervise our youth, teen, and young adult volunteers. Anyone in this role must have experience or an interest in working with these age groups including the knowledge of local school service learning/volunteer documentation requirements. They are responsible to maintain waivers and contact lists along with logging volunteer hours of each person.​

  • Head of General Maintenance & Assistant

These positions oversee the general maintenance of the program’s 40 acre farm facility. They will work directly with the GM and VC to schedule and oversee volunteers for repairs and projects. Some duties include basic repairs, weekly, at minimum, checks of the grounds, and buildings to anticipate future needs along with keeping logs of repairs completed and supplies needed. They will work with the head of fundraising or grant writer to provide them with costs, supplies or other items needed. This role may include writing a proposal for large repairs or projects to be submitted to the board of directors for spending approval if a grant or other funding is not found.​

  • Grant Writers

We are in need of a person who is willing to commit to finding appropriate grants for our organization. This person is required to have the motivation to learn this skill if they do not have grant experience. This position works directly with the General Manager to determine specific needs and types of grants. ​

  • Clerical Assistants

This position is to help with some of our correspondence to clients, donors, and community members. Other general clerical tasks such as filing documents, completing forms, assisting with end of year donation letters, and updating contact information on spreadsheets. They will work directly with the general manager and grant writer. We do require experience or willingness to learn the basics of Microsoft office and a commitment of a minimum of 1 to 4 hours a week depending on needs of the organization.​

  • Website, Social Media, Marketing & Publicity Assistants

These positions require experience or knowledge of multiple social media platforms, website design and maintenance or marketing. ADVs website is the user-friendly WIX platform. Social media assistance needed is responding to comments, posts, interests and potential client or volunteer requests. 

  • Photographers & Videographers 

ADV is looking for help who have beginner to professional photography and/or videographer skills including editing to assist with updating our website, social media, brochures and other marketing items. Our goal is to update photos once every 6 months and during any events. Volunteers can commit to donating a short session and photos or video or more if their heart leads them to continue to bless us!​

Open Volunteer Positions: Get Involved
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