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Contact A Different View Equine Center

Hours of Operation:

By Appointment Only

**Due to the nature of our services we are by appointment only.

However, we can be available within 30 minutes or less most days.

We are only a text or phone call away.**

General Email:

Reach each individual staff member:

General Manager

Sarah Douglas 336-501-7761

Stable Manager

Julia Toth 336-314-2793

Physical Address:

500 E Steeple Chase Rd., Pleasant Garden, NC 27313

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 704, Pleasant Garden, NC 27313

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Contact & Testimonials: Contact

“A Different View Equine Center” has been such an incredible blessing to our family! The peaceful therapeutic experience when  I go for sessions have truly been a lifesaver for me. I have learned so much on how to deal with the emotional stressors in life. Sarah has been such an incredible life coach for me. The animals, fishing pond, and the people are so awesome! I can’t say enough about how much we love the farm! Thank you so much for the outpouring love that goes into creating a safe haven for military families and first responders. 
~Truly Grateful~

Veteran Spouse

"What the farm does for me? 

Every visit caused me to temporarily forget my own problems, and focus on the greater needs of those around me.

Even "temporary" relief is better than none at all.

Thank you for the privilege. " 

Army Veteran

"You made me feel like I had a beacon of hope from people that listened to the love of HEAVENLY FATHER in their heart, mind and soul and actually wanted to see a veteran show up, wanted to hear my story of hardship, and actually wanted and did process a plan of how to move forward in the very best positive way while reducing as much stress and strain for me to get back on my feet with a purpose, and helped me come up with the best financial plans and administrative processes to help find a home, have a plan for saving money and to help with any health situations needed."

USMC & Air Force Veteran

"I have a hard time being "quiet" because I'm always afraid of the feelings that will come - focusing on the horse allowed me to be quiet but not overwhelmed!"

"Brought a sense of peace"

Contact & Testimonials: Testimonials
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