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Our Story

A Different View Equine Center is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We survive on private donors, grants, and our amazing

volunteers. We have no paid staff.

Our herd consists of 6 full sized horses, 3 mini horses, 1 steer, 2 pot bellied pigs and a handful of barn cats. 

Our clients are active duty military, veterans, 1st responders, their families and caregivers.


Active duty military and their families need support in several ways whether it is before, during or after deployments. Relationships endure unique stressors from things like frequent moves and deployments. New parents learn to function without their partner at times. Life when the service member returns home isn't always the same as before and it can be hard to have realistic expectations. 


Life can become difficult for those no longer in the service as they transition back to a civilian. The "family" and brotherhood they relied on to survive along with goals, missions, and objectives have disappeared. Many feel as though their purpose in life has been taken away.

- 1st Responders -

We believe that 1st responders desperately need and deserve the tools to decompress. They work long hours, witness extremely traumatic events, often more than one in a shift and usually have little time to process their own emotions until much later. Suicide, burnout and other self-destructive behaviors can be common when stress isn't acknowledged and positively managed.

We believe that everyone, at some point, will have significant stressors, suffer from loss or have other negative experiences life. We all deserve support whether it is needed long term or just a short "season". Our need for physical work is abundant and our community connections are growing everyday. We become the “family” they lost. We will be their advocate and voice to remove barriers to resources needed. We want to dissolve the idea many have that admitting you need or want help also shows weakness. Horses are herd animals and the need to connect and being present is hardwired into their brains. There is no judgement, no expectation, no right or wrong and we ask that you come exactly as you are too.

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