Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Program

What is EFL?

EFL is a guided session that is developed and implemented by a certified facilitator to teach life skill lessons with the aid of horses. There can be an unlimited range of life lessons we are able to work through, from letting go to being present, breathing techniques,  and building relationships. Our work is based upon building relationships and learning with the horses. We work from the ground, so our participants and horses are on an even playing field. Everyone, horses included, have a choice to want to be present and build relationships or not. Nothing is forced or expected. Horses have a gift of showing up when we need them the most whether we think we need them or not. EFL is best understood and appreciated when it is experienced first hand!

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Benefits of an EFL Session

There are many added benefits to our EFL program, we are broadening what we can provide in a unique way. This is not “therapy” in the general meaning of the word. We are not licensed mental health professionals. However, the ability to offer these sessions allow us to help clients with rebuilding their tool box. Building, maintaining and strengthening  relationships can be one of the most important “tools” that lead to a more fulfilling life. Everything we do revolves around relationships. When we have a healthier relationship with ourselves, we are more equipped to handle life's stresses, cope with change, work through triggers, and overall be better both inside and out.