A Different View Equine Center

Your mission continues here.
Come join our herd.


Vision Statement

A Different View Equine Center is striving to provide tools to veterans and 1st responders in order to look at life's obstacles from a different positive perspective.


Mission Statement

To improve the lives of veterans and 1st responders by developing real solutions and providing genuine support.


Anonymous Veteran

"Horses are there but don’t hold judgement. They can’t pretend to be anybody else, who they are is who they are and that is what they bring to the table every time."


Anonymous 1st Responder

“It felt familiar & comforting like a
favorite sweater even though it was my
first visit”


Anonymous Veteran

"You guys were wonderful, I felt and feel like family, like I'm connected by hearts. It teaches you a lot there, appreciate the animals and each have characters and behaviors that we as humans have towards life. It is an interaction experience money could never buy ❤️❤️❤️"