A Different View Equine Center

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Come join our herd.


Vision Statement

A Different View Equine Center strives to provide tools to veterans, 1st responders, their families and caregivers in order to look at life's obstacles from a different positive perspective.


Mission Statement

To improve our client's lives by developing real solutions and providing genuine support.


Army veteran

"They make you feel a part of the team...beautiful layout of the land as well as its cleanliness, also a big family friendly environment. Being a veteran dealing with PTSD the farm has played a major factor in my life being able to escape and relax my mind"


Anonymous 1st Responder

“It felt familiar & comforting like a
favorite sweater even though it was my
first visit”


Anonymous Veteran

"You guys were wonderful, I felt and feel like family, like I'm connected by hearts. It teaches you a lot there, appreciate the animals and each have characters and behaviors that we as humans have towards life. It is an interaction experience money could never buy ❤️❤️❤️"


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